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Adventure Forty-eight: Holiday Wishlist

1000ad-city.jpg - 136kb

1000 AD sounds like a good time for an overview. Yeah, in an OCC, it's really easy to just speed along and not pay attention to much of anything else going on. Here's a shot of the entire world, mostly for the lurkers who didn't play the map themselves.

1000ad.jpg - 112kb


1000ad-techs.jpg - 50kb

Where I keep falling a bit short is cash. I've continued to manage 100% slider continuously by selling maps and begging for cash and even some We Love The King Day, but couldn't do that forever. The plan had been Sushi executives, but that had to wait for some leaders to grow out of the antisocial teenager phase (Mercantilism.) Well, cash is another reason I didn't mind running the priest specialists.

sushi-fail.jpg - 30kb

Eventually expanding Sushi was available, after a spy bonk of Isabella into Free Market. Heh, there's a problem I've never seen before. Is it worth selling one of my own fish to enable that? I guess so. A while later, six or so Spanish Sushi branches had my capital producing +50 gold and I had no more problem with cash.

liberalism.jpg - 74kb

Cashed in Liberalism for Superconductors. Just the right time, Isabella is researching Education, and there is no more expensive tech for the next 300 years until Plastics. After Superconductors, the research path was straight to Industrialism, adding levee and factory and industrial park (no coal plant with National Park.) Then to Rocketry.

No Ironworks: my wonder slots were filled with the involate Globe Theater, National Park, National Epic, Oxford, and the fifth was Moai Statues.

Hey, here's an idea. Nobody else is near Astronomy or Chemistry, but I'm a long way up those tech lines including the Refrigeration naval bonus, and would like to slow down my rivals, and I happened to trade for Copper before just to build the Buddhist cathedral.

privateer.jpg - 46kb

Privateer time!

privateer-gg.jpg - 34kb

And I got excited on a 10 XP unit, till realizing that Cahokia filled up on national wonders a long time ago and can't possibly fit a Heroic Epic, and in any case easily builds one unit per turn already anyway. :) But look at that, I did get a settled Great General payoff. 480 hammers of Privateers for 3 Representation beakers... believe it or not, that is a worthwhile conversion ratio. 3 + 250% = 10.5 beakers, which pays back compared to building Research in under 48 turns.

privateer-dead.jpg - 42kb

Well, that's one way to end the party. All my privateers eventually met their end under a hail of caravels. Still, I killed (whaled on? rolleyes.gif - 2kb ) a ton of AI caravels. They sure do build a lot of them. It looks like a game of Sid Meier's Pirates out there... if only there were something for them to DO. It might be cool to have ships running trade voyages to earn profit in peacetime (besides the rare Great Merchant), although the micromanagement probably wouldn't be worth it.

Anyway, back to the point. Presently, Shaka finally went hands-full for the first time all game. With a tech lead of marines to muskets, obviously he was no threat, but war would still be inconvenient. I begged 20 gold to lock in 10 turns of peace.

Then the world blew up in war. The first domino was Hannibal declaring on Charlemagne, but then Shaka and Sury both declared on Charley too! (Shaka must have planned that all along, not bribed, since he had been hands-full.) Since Shaka was teetering on the edge of Friendly, and the HRE started to crumple quickly, I phony-joined at Shaka's request. Charley bit the dust a few dozen turns later.

Rocketry in 1300 AD, Apollo Program due in 6 turns, with 6 engineers and 9 priests working on it. Next tech target is Plastics for the hydro plant, finally passing through Railroad. Another advantage of going for Superconductor early is that it enables the set of 5 SS Thrusters, so you don't have to rush to another part-enabling tech right after Apollo.

After researching Plastics while building 4 Thrusters, the order was Composites (5 Casings) - Laser (still avoiding Computers to keep Angkor Wat) - Fiber Optics (Cockpit) - Fission - Fusion (expensive Engine) - Genetics (mid-cost Stasis Chamber) - Ecology (cheap Life Support.)

1635ad.jpg - 122kb

I actually synched up production and research perfectly, using two Golden Ages to boost SS production. Look at this beautiful setup, note all the scientists converted to citizens. The penultimate part and last tech perfectly synched, with a ton of hammer overflow to roll onto the last part, and exactly the last 2 turns of Golden Age will remain to finish the last part in 2 turns.

No, THIS is beautiful.

life-support.jpg - 105kb

Ha ha ha, holy crap, the Life Support completed EXACTLY TO THE PENNY IN ONE TURN. There is no way to add even 1 more hammer! (Could have with a pre-worked workshop or watermill but I hadn't done that. Just my 2 workers couldn't build one in one turn.) (That copper is a trade import from Sury.)

Launch in 1655 AD with 14 turns of travel time, missing one thruster and engine.

Endgame: Cahokia went back to all scientist specialists, to research cheap extra techs: Mass Media, Fascism, Flight, Advanced Flight, Computers. I judiciously traded for Mil Science, Mil Tradition, Communism, Democracy, keeping a close eye on whenever just 1 or 2 AIs lacked a tech. (Isabella and Shaka were both Friendly, willing to trade anything.) I built spies and EP buildings, on the chance of stealing something rather than trading, then just-in-case Marines. I completely forgot about the Internet - might have saved a point or two on trading for those other side techs.

Cahokia finished at size 69 producing 2415 beakers in max science configuration, plus 172 more if building Research.

victory.jpg - 20kb

Space Race Victory in 1725 AD.

demo.jpg - 33kb

Ha, look at that population number, five times the next competitor. That city population function is insane.

Here's the full Great Person log. All were settled unless otherwise indicated.

#1 Scientist in 1440 BC, academy.
#2 Scientist 1000 BC, settled.
#3 Scientist 325 BC
#4 Sci 175 BC
#5 Sci 75 BC
#6 Sci 1 AD
#7 Sci 75 AD
Music Artist settled
#8 Sci 150 AD
#9 Sci 225 AD
#10 Sci 300 AD
#11 Sci 425 AD
#12 Sci 560 AD
#13 Sci 680 AD
Physics GSci 800 AD
#14 Prophet (haha right after Angkor Wat) 800 AD
Economics Merchant saved for Sushi
#15 Engineer 920 AD. Don't have any resources worthwhile for a hammer corp, so just settle.
#16 Sci 1000 AD
#17 Sci 1040 AD
#18 Engineer 1090 AD
#19 Sci 1140 AD
#20 Engineer 1200 AD
#21 Sci 1260 AD
#22 Sci 1320 AD
#23 Sci 1380 AD
#24 Engineer 1450 AD
#25 Sci 1510 AD, immediate Golden Age for part building
#26 Engineer 1545 AD
#27 Sci 1580 AD, 2-man Golden Age
Fusion Engineer, 2-man Golden Age
#28 Sci post launch, bulbed Computers
#29 Sci post launch, bulbed Computers
Fascism General post launch, didn't do anything
#30 Sci on the very last turn, didn't do anything

The late game bulbs all pointed the wrong way - Fascism and Robotics for an engineer, Computers for a scientist. I was keeping Angkor Wat for part building, and bulbed Computers only after the launch.

score.jpg - 37kb

And of course the score. I score for the following techs:

Advanced Flight
Satellites (requires Electricity via Radio)
Plastics (requires Electricity via Industrialism)
Industrialism (requires Electricity)
Fiber Optics
Mass Media
Medicine (requires Biology)
(Not Flight, Sury researched that just two turns before the end.)
(Not Rocketry, Hannibal has it.)

19 points. My max food economy came in just behind the gold economy leaders of Ruff_Hi with 22 and Regoarrarr with 20. I definitely got some luck with the AIs mostly synching research with each other - there was no lone wolf snagging Biology or Electricity to cost me a monopoly. Ruff and Rego had similar outcomes.

Thanks to, um, myself for the game? crazyeyes.gif - 1kb

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