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Adventure Fifty-six: Santa's Workshop

I researched up to Superconductors, and popped the 3-man GA to build Laboratories, which would mostly be productive above Wealth. Math: the 250 hammer cost could be 250 Wealth-gold, of course. That's actually just about 250 beakers as well, since this is the era where there's almost no beaker-gold skew. Any city that would produce more than 1000 commerce-to-science between the lab and 1600 AD should build a lab. This was about half the cities, any that would produce 50 commerce per turn over the 20 turns remaining.

Although, that previous paragraph runs into a self-defeating effect. Each Laboratory raises my beaker-gold skew. So each successive lab has a higher bar to clear on payback relative to Wealth. Blah, I am not working this out now.

I grabbed Genetics after Superconductors, then mostly just filled in the tree left-to-right grabbing techs in price order, including the two side military techs and Fascism.

1500ad.jpg - 273kb

Here's a last overview at 1500 AD.

techs-1500ad.jpg - 48kb

I'd racked up 127 tech gifts in the normal course of play, but now it was time to start blowing out every tech every turn. I scored 34 tech-gift points right here -- every single icon under "Wants" -- and added dozens more on each of the following turns.

shared-tech-9.jpg - 98kb

Holy crap, +9 for shared technological discoveries! Although some other AIs (Gandhi) maxed at +2. Never knew there was that much of a range on that.

I had forgotten that the year clock slows down at 1500 AD. I had timed the United Nations to complete four turns after 1500 AD, expecting to get the win after another six turns at 1600 AD, except that that turned out to actually be 1550 AD.

victory.jpg - 103kb

So it's a Diplomatic Victory in 1555 AD. Scenario score 285 including the 10 points for victory. Wow, that's quite a lot higher than I'd thought possible, I expected a winning score in the low 100s. I could have gotten probably 15 more points (3 techs times 5 AIs) if not for inadvertently winning early.

Okay, this wasn't exactly the most engaging report I've ever written, but that's what you get for an easy game played in just a couple days. tongue.gif - 1kb