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Tried and True

Here we go!

655bc.jpg 549x375

Delhi had added a spearman to the collection of four archers I saw before. But I had enough.

delhi.jpg 1000x589

Mission accomplished! Against the four archers, two swordsmen lost and two won; a fair RNG result. An axeman killed the spearman, and the two remaining damaged archers were easy prey. I let my spearman kill the last archer in order to promote him to Medic II. Spearmen make great durable medics, since they rarely fight and rarely die.

Back home, silver had been hooked up raising the capital's happy cap to 6. I let it grow to that size as it built its library, although couldn't spare the labor for scientists for an Academy until much later.

The second Indian city, Bangalore, had only two unpromoted archers. Two fresh axemen that hadn't participated in the Delhi battle took that city while the swordsmen healed.

madras.jpg 834x586

And the healed swordsmen took the next city. You can see there that Delhi's been left undefended, with a barbarian archer approaching it! Fortunately, that spearman is within range to get back into Delhi this turn. Unfortunately, that spearman actually lost against the attacking barb archer! Fortunately, an axeman took the city right back, but that extra exchange did cost population and another round of resistance.

delhi-recapture.png 562x114

I also now took a turn to revolt to Hinduism, to get happiness in the captured cities, and good relations with Huayna.

And after one more city, India was dead!

india-destroyed.jpg 1001x580

Killed a rival civ in 435 BC in The Gauntlet.

And here's an overview shot a couple turns later after killing off the Indian resistance. Yes, that's a research rate at 20% with no cash surplus.

355bc.jpg 1002x594

Alphabet research completed two turns later, and I realized I'd made a grave mistake. I should've researched that, then signed peace with Asoka to extort techs, and later finished him off at my leisure. Now I can't do that, and worse, now Huayna won't trade me anything since every tech is a monopoly from my civ's viewpoint.

huayna.jpg 796x516

Anyway, now I have a pretty big crossroads. Should I attempt to wipe out Huayna before he gets farther ahead? I've got a short window of military advantage to do so, while I still have lots of swordsmen and he hasn't got elephants yet. Or should I just get him to Friendly and never worry? We share a religion, I can supply him resources, and his favorite civic is Hereditary Rule which I'll naturally be in for a long while.

Well, here's an important piece of information.

confucian-missionary.jpg 240x174Confucianism had just been founded in a "distant" land, but that missionary shows that it was Huayna right here. He's going to convert, and I can't keep him in Hinduism. (I'm still two techs away from missionary monasteries or four from Org Religion, still lacking even Mysticism.) Given that staying Friendly won't happen, military clash is inevitable. And better to do that now on my terms while I've got troops and before he gets any farther ahead.

huayna-war.jpg 356x63

machu-stack.jpg 415x312So this stack lined up, and took the first Incan city with no losses.

machu.jpg 667x338

The next city also fell, with one swordsman lost. And I started praying that my stack would be enough to take Cuzco as well (which I'd seen was on a hill). If this stack failed, my game plan would be seriously crippled. Let's take a look at the city's defense:

cuzco-stack.jpg 786x441

WHAT? Are you kidding?! There's ONE archer in his CAPITAL, and TWO just departed to escort a settler?!smokin.gif 21x15 WHILE HE'S GETTING INVADED? smokin.gif 21x15pimp.gif 22x23

Well, the AI did build a second archer and bring in an axeman before my stack got there, but Huayna certainly got what he deserved for that bit of military strategery.

cuzco.jpg 620x302

With Cuzco gone, the Incan civilization is mortally crippled. This rock is mine. And this time I'll do this right and get peace concessions.

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