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Vote for Pedro Me

15votes.jpg 763x458

So I've got a total of 15 votes out of a possible 17. 10 colony vassals, 2 capitulated vassals, 2 freewill votes (Napoleon and Saladin), and myself. I'm only two votes shy of the top possible score: Isabella and Suleiman. (My opponent Victoria can't vote for me.)

Now a PERFECT score is in sight. I can play that same script over again: I can go conquer Suleiman, liberate his cities to Isabella to win her vote, and either take capitulation or eliminate Suleiman to spawn another vassal. Neither of my free voters considers Suleiman a friend, so there's no diplo liability in doing so. And mechs versus infantry will go quick enough that I'll have to sit on just one election attempt to finish all that.

But no. I'm tired of this game and want it to end. And while squeezing out those extra two points is certainly possible, that would clearly be milking an already won game.

victory.jpg 395x478

Diplomatic Victory in 1860 AD. (Note how I cleverly changed my leader's name to Me to make all the text fit in the box for the screenshot. groucho-marx.gif 15x15)

Big Victory with 15 bonus points.

replay-870ad.jpg 887x341

replay-1625ad.jpg 896x355

replay-1860ad.jpg 893x579

power.jpg 778x487

The power graph, with the biggest spike I've ever seen. That was a combination of drafting, whipping, building, and upgrading mechanized infantry all at the same time. Napoleon's alarming WHEOOH buildup has been reduced to a historical footnote.

hof.jpg 784x147

Of course, that "Me" carried through into the hall of fame entry, which will look silly from now until the end of time.crazyeyes.gif 15x15 Only 106K game points? I expected more on Emperor difficulty with comparable finish dates to those other games. Well, I guess Rome's land area didn't count yet since I held it less than twenty turns, and the cities hadn't really pushed the Sushi population growth yet either.

Thanks to Sooooo for the game, and Firaxis for the patch - definitely worth the wait!