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Future's Tomorrow

4000bc.jpg - 71kb

I had to pop the hut first, just gave gold.

Well, the best spot looks like the plains hill down south. The extra hammer easily makes up for the move. And research to Animal Husbandry synchs up perfectly with the Worker Public Servant build time.

3975bc.jpg - 45kb

Wines are still in range - that's great since we're speeding to Monarchy anyway for Oracling Feudalism. But of course one turn later, my warrior found the wheat that would've been in range by staying at the original start.

Hey, horses are nearby, so no rush to Archery. I lost two scouting warriors to a bear and a hostile hut and waited for chariots to scout more. Tech order was AH - Mining - Bronze - Wheel (hey, chariots require that) - Pottery (start a few shacks) - on up to Priesthood.

Hinduism went quite late - turn 37. Could have had that ourselves although I'm not sure what to do with it.

2450bc.jpg - 139kb

After some more exploring, here's city two. The location looks a bit awkward, with three resources in second-ring distance, and off the river. But chopping a monument is not difficult, and I do want the Marble online by the time it's Oracle time, and we have plenty of health resources, and hopefully we're not going as far as levees.

More generally, it looks like we've got quite a bit of land in the backyard with only a western front to defend. And lots of resources so that -1 happy and health won't hurt much at all.

The best thing I can do to speed research to Monarchy? Build ANY cities at all, so that the hut cash can be burned into beakers.

But somebody else got the Oracle in 1075 BC, 8 turns before I would have. I had forgotten that the last time I Oracled Feudalism, Monarchy was obtained by way of a Great Prophet lightbulb. With an early GP out of the question for my Addled leader, that wouldn't work; and with the slower workers and tight caps and nerfed cottages, there just wasn't enough research to get to Monarchy in time. Anyway, whoever got the Oracle took Monarchy, which I know because my research time on it dropped for no other reason. No great loss.

Oh well, onto Alphabet in order to trade for Iron Working. Skip the longbows for now, we'll attack with swords.

My neighbors turned out to be Gilgamesh and Hammurabi. Let's see. Gilgamesh is Protective, easy to share Hed Rule with, and very lenient with WFYABTA (15 techs). His capital is on a hill behind ridiculous cultural defense with Creative and Stonehenge and Oracle. And his capital has little commerce. Although he's closer, I planned to leave him be and go for Hammurabi instead. Babylon is a commerce superstar with two gems and gold!

So that went as planned, Alphabet traded for Iron Working. I had a settler at the ready to go claim iron.

iron.jpg - 179kb

And Gilgamesh beat me to settling the iron. By ONE TURN. Using the roads that I HAD BUILT towards Goth for a chariot attack (only warriors on defense in the barbarian city.)

This will not do at all. See the three chariots I have next to the offending city? And see Gilgamesh's silly chariot escort instead of a Protective archer?

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