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Hale Ceaeser?

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And when the power graph looks like this, I won't waste much more of your time here.

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I conquered Babylon, taking capitulation after his capital. I toyed with the idea of pushing to Sid's Sushi for score, but that was five techs away (including expiring half my economy at Sci Method) and I had no good way to generate another Merchant after spending the Economics one. Rather, I researched just to Steel (both cannons and drydocks) and Military Science and let Sankore/Rep/Mercantilism trickle to Mil Tradition. Then it was all cash to upgrade to riflemen (City Raider 3 riflemen are disgusting) and cannons.

After Babylon, I drafted another round of riflemen, whipped a dozen galleons and Ships of the Line, and that was that. Frederick and Hannibal were still at war burning up their units on each other. Frederick was much stronger so I attacked him first, at three different amphibious landing points. Then the galleons sailed back home and picked up a second load of troops, with which I opened up multiple fronts against Hannibal as well.

The far continent AIs never sniffed Replaceable Parts, let alone Rifling, so my rifles easily did the job. Frederick had reached Grenadiers, but stack defenders of my own grens and cavalry rendered them irrelevant.

Well, the remaining suspense is whether I'm actually going to rank with Augustus Caesar. Believe it or not, I don't know how much score I need. Searching on Civfanatics didn't turn up the information. My "score by winning this turn" had been hovering around 22,000 before attacking Babylon, then jumped to 27,000 after his capitulation, but sank below 25,000 while massing for invasion.

Hannibal soon capitulated taking me to just under the dom threshold, then one turn later Frederick capitulated putting me over. For a last grab of score, I liberated all cities in resistance back to their original owners, to restore their cultural borders and count for score.

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But is that enough points?

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Yup. Dan Quayle takes his place alongside Augustus Caesar.

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And that's about all there is to that. Conquering with drafted rifles on Monarch with a tech lead just isn't very interesting. :)