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wars.gif - 7kb

OH CRAP. Caesar and Louis both declared war together, five turns before I was going to be ready! And they still don't even have contact with each other -- this was two completely independent AI war decisions. And I just gave up Slavery so I can't whip longbows!!

lakamha-captured.jpg - 23kb

Lakamha was a lost cause. One holkan on defense against a stack of ten invading units from Caesar. Mutal is going to be a very close fight. It has two holkans and two warriors, and will have a third holkan by the time Louis's stack gets there....

mutal-holds.gif - 29kb

AND IT HELD! With NO losses! Thanks to the cultural defense from Stonehenge, I even had two Shock-promoted Holkans defeat two incoming axemen!

With annoyance, I ate another turn of anarchy to return to Slavery. I need units NOW like freakin NOW like YESTERDAY like about 100 YEARS AGO.

longbowman.jpg - 68kb

That's usually an annoying get-out-of-my-way popup message, but I've never been nearly so happy to see it before. Hooray! And right after that Louis took peace straight up, so I could focus on Caesar.

Mutal whipped longbows every other turn for five consecutive rounds. That hurt, but was absolutely necessary to recapture Lakamha. They came out with 5 XP and two critical promotions to get the edge over enemy swordsmen. They fended off Caesar's chariots and axes, and started advancing to recapture my lost city.

alex-war.jpg - 41kb

lakamha-recaptured.jpg - 24kbBut then Alexander joined in! This was as my troops were two turns away from Lakamha which was defended by a single archer. I sent a detachment of three units towards it and retreated the rest to my capital. It took a couple extra turns of skirmishing after Lakamha whipped an archer, but I captured it and then Caesar signed for peace straight-up.

fights-200bc.gif - 75kb

Alexander's stack got to Mutal as it whipped a third longbow (plus several holkans and two police warriors). They could only meekly cower in fear of the CG3 longbow, though.

Now with a healthy roster of longbowmen, I finally started rushin' Russian territory with them. I captured an ex-barb city, then pushed on a core Russian city.

novgorod1.jpg - 72kb

That's a lot of defenders...

novgorod2.jpg - 24kb

... and it took an extra turn, and my Medic III GG had to get in on the action, but I won! And NOTICE THAT GRASSLAND MINE there sticking out of place like the mole on Cindy Crawford's face. That's IRON.

alexander-peace.jpg - 11kbAnd also look where that enemy sword is, ready to recapture the city. I must make peace this instant. Nice haul though, Iron Working AND Mathematics.

iron.jpg - 18kbAnd for the second time in a day, I stopped and grinned at a popup that usually gets shoved aside like a New Yorker elbowing into a subway car. Metal resourceless game? Not anymore. nya2.gif - 2kb

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