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1509 : Base score for land tiles.
147 : Wonder bonus. Stonehenge 12, Oracle 15, Hanging Gardens 30, Mausoleum 45, Shwedagon Paya 45.
8 : 4 Pleased rivals. (Hammurabi, Bismarck, Catherine, Elizabeth.)
148 : 37 Legendary cities.
800 : 160 Future Techs. oh-yeah.gif - 3kb
2612 points.

5% Bonus - Eliminated Blood Enemy in the industrial era.
0% Survival Penalty. 6 rivals survived to game end. No Blood Brother.
0% Nuclear War Penalty.
0% Destroyed Wonders Penalty. 43 wonders are listed in F9, minus the never-built Hindu and Jewish shrines.
0% Corporate Greed Penalty.
5% score bonus.
2742.6 final score.

Here's the composite domestic advisor screenshot. That's exactly 20 branches of Creative Constructions, unlimited use of Sid's Sushi, and no other non-HQ branches.

This also shows the 37 Legendary cities. I actually didn't manage that well at all - I way overconcentrated cathedrals into the border cities with CreateCon. Many of them overshot by as much as double Legendary culture. With smarter cathedral placement, almost every city could have gone Legendary. I most certainly confess to misjudging the points for legendaries and future techs - they were not supposed to score nearly as much as the base land tile score!

domestic-advisor.gif - 89kb

Whew. After that, I might just be burned out on Civ 4. But that's how to go out in style!