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Operation No Redcoats

york.jpg - 97kb

Well, got York, with 5 turns on the Rifling clock that got bumped up to 6 by the raze...

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and bango. Actually I captured both enemy Financial capitals right on the same turn. :)

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Holland has more cities and will take a bit longer to finish off than England, though. And I do have units in action on Shaka's island there.

1722ad.jpg - 142kb

Over the last few turns, I fired a 2-man Golden Age, and flipped to Vassalage, mostly to get 6 XP galleons with Navigation 1 from cities with drydocks.

After the Steel/Military Science beeline, I did research on up to Rifling, then shut off research for cash to upgrade a handful of muskets and longbows. Completely avoided on my research path were Philosophy, Nationalism, and Education. Never needed any of them.

Hey, remember those elephants that kept counterstomping everything at my Mound City front line? They're still around, they've been tagging along with my offensive stack all the way through Rome and England. Cannons took down any pikemen so the elephants were still great for killing things. Smile for the camera, guys!

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Conquest Victory in 1746 AD. I figured that conquest would be faster than domination in real time, since when going for domination I get way too far caught up in micromanaging cities for border expansions. Typically the reasons in favor of domination over conquest are taking vassal states and avoiding barb cities popping up all over the place. With vassal states off the table, no barbs, and no easy way to expand culture borders quickly for domination (I conquered Sistine late), I went for conquest. There's something cathartically purifying about cleansing the landscape and burning all the cities to the ground.

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Here's a look at my kill counts. About 600 total kills to 100-some losses, better than 6 to 1. And yes, that's zero macemen. Never needed them with plenty of elephants, and I got Machinery late and continued straight on to knights and muskets.

replay.gif - 604kb

Here's a new trick that I figured out how to do. Animated replay screenshot!