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Epic Twenty-eight: The Dutch Maze-ters

I didn't get any pictures, but there was an amusing side thread going on: using a Privateer to whack enough caravels to qualify for the Heroic Epic. I'm not quite sure if Captain Morgan really should be a nation's greatest hero, though. crazyeyes.gif - 1kb

I built Cristo Redentor, actually my first world wonder since the Great Lighthouse three millennia ago. I used it to jump to State Property, then realized I probably should have simply eaten the anarchy to do that thirty turns earlier. But anyway, I shortly thereafter bounced to Environmentalism instead. Factories were going up and coal plants were required -- can't build a single Hydro Plant on this map! (Three Gorges Dam? This planet doesn't even have one gorge. smile.gif - 1kb)

And then I did go for Sid's Sushi, couldn't help myself. Spread the corporation while building grocers and supermarkets, then switched back out of Environmentalism to Free Market once the health problems were taken care of. And in the civics department I went to Nationhood just because it was Churchill's favorite, then slapped myself realizing that the +25% EP could have been a big economic multiplier for some time. I also added Mining Inc late.

I stole a number of other techs: Plastics, Flight, Satellites, but let's get on to the endgame.

1740ad.jpg - 214kb

After stealing Radio, I turned on my own research to Mass Media. Then I gave it to Pericles, to pull the time-honored move of choosing your United Nations opponent by having said opponent build said UN.

united-nations.jpg - 28kb

Pericles was a perfect opponent. He didn't get along with anybody, while I had Friendly Charlemagne and Lincoln in my pocket. Churchill got to Friendly too with a simple religion request, and Asoka got there too with a spy bonk (out of Free Religion to Org Rel.)

churchill-judaism.jpg - 11kb

Here comes the election...

victory.jpg - 58kb

Cupcakes. Diplomatic Victory in 1745 AD.

So there's a true Deity victory. Diplo can be a wee bit cheap, but I was totally in control to win by the space race if necessary. And I'd previously done this game concept on another map to a space win, so didn't need to play that out again here. I'm hoping this scenario picked up some other wannabe Deity victors to similar results; we will see on report day.