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The Dawn of War.

And so it came to pass that 625 BC saw my declaration of war against India with this forest-fueled stack of doom. (Yes, you may laugh at my wonderful mispromotion abilities. I learned quickly, though.)

stack.jpg 743x555

Here's's their target.

delhi.jpg 557x412

That chariot was just whipped as it wasn't there the turn before. Do I have enough?

delhi2.jpg 793x393

YES!, with one archer to spare. And that archer could have been critical to defend the city against the counterattack of that archer sitting right outside it there, though the latter didn't try.

This was the Buddhist holy city, and I converted. No anarchy, so I saw no reason not to. The happiness and culture could come in handy, and I really don't care about relations with the other civs. The pillaged cash would be able to support my economy for a while, so now I started full research on Horseback Riding, since there's a horse resource at my next target city.

Elizabeth comes asking for Open Borders, and I accept gladly. That'll let a couple units wander in and mark the city locations for my invasion plans soon to come...

Well, taking Delhi depleted most of that stack. The injured units heal and wait for reinforcements from home, and then move on Bombay with a stack of six. Bombay produced a chariot just as I got there -- but how? I pillaged their horses a few turns ago. The attack on Bombay commences, but unfortunately, falls just short...

bombay-fail.jpg 798x580

bombay.jpg 718x354 but next turn, the surviving spear took the Medic promotion for the immediate healing, and finished off that last chariot. (To a grizzled Civ 3 veteran, it sure feels supremely strange to be attacking cities with spearmen.)

bangalore.jpg 668x581

The next target was Bangalore for the horses (needing to keep the city), and I razed one more useless Indian city for the cash. India was now down to his new capital, but it'd take me at least ten turns to get healthy units over there, and I've got war weariness in my cities, so time to declare peace.

But not for long...

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