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Huge Map Marathon Domination

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The scoreboard says I would get 571k for winning now in 1 AD -- and that is still going up by around 5000 per turn. Definitely going to hit my score goal, just a matter of finishing off domination now.

After easily swallowing Cyrus, the next stop on the Praetorian Doom Tour was England. This was actually a bit of a speed bump - I wasn't quite prepared for combat odds to plummet from 95% against archers to 35% against Protective longbows. I lost a lot of trebuchets, and in the battle for London, three elite CR3 Praetorians all at 80%+ odds. But sheer force carried the day now.

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Hey, London held the Hagia Sophia! Exactly what my workers need to carve through all that jungle!

Speaking of jungle, I'm farming it. All of it. My core cities up through Washington had gotten some cottages, but now with the Pyramids in hand, the right move was all farms all the time. My research rate accelerated considerably as all the cities came up to full size and started overspilling into specialists, especially with Mercantilism.

As you see, I researched Gunpowder (via the Guilds path). A few musketmen would help the onslaught, but my real technology goal lies farther afield: Biology. If I'm farming every tile, Biology food can only do massive things to my population score.

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I got Music late... Gilgamesh had it for a long time, I ran all my EP on him, with city visibility to see when he had Sistine due to finish. I stole Music just in time to pull a Bluebell Woods on the wonder, with this forested city in the far west. It's not a particularly big addition, since I haven't been building any religious buildings, but the synergy with Mercantilism specialists is worthwhile. And every wonder is 10 points of score.

I reached Biology at 480 AD, which started to shoot my population score through the roof. Next research was Steel since we all know what cannons do. I had developed the ex-Celtic capital Bibracte as my Great Person farm, building most of my wonders and the National Epic there. It put out Great People for the 2-man, then the 3-man, Golden Age. (My first six Great People went exclusively for Golden Ages and nothing else.) This GA also marked time to leave Org Religion for Theocracy.

My next attack had to be Spain, in the far northeast corner next to England. But I was given pause by this development:

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How did he invent Radio so soon? He sure knows how to telegraph!

But then I realized that the AI can't declare war when the power graph looks like this:

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Anyway, I locked and rubbed it in by demanding gold from Gilgamesh (10 turn peace treaty), and went to work on Spain. I always feel super guilty about declaring on a AI who's Friendly (+8 from shared Buddhism), especially my one friend and trading partner in this world. But logistically she just had to be next with my army right there. And I justified the war by the fact that she had dipped to Pleased for a short time recently, and I started my war plan ("enough on MY hands") during that time. Finally, she has the Buddhist holy city, for which I would later spawn a Great Prophet for that shrine.

500ad.jpg - 235kb

500 AD overview, just to show the strategic positioning. I finished conquering England and Spain in the upper right, and now I'm opening hostilities on Portugal in the middle. (Joao actually declared on me first, Isabella bribed him just before she died.) I'm also preparing an army to attack Sumerian blue on the right, and eventually Viking purple on the left.

And look at that score: 781,000 if I win this turn. That is still lifting at the rate of a few thousand per turn, accelerating even more with Biology population growth. Unfortunately, what's going to cut me off from this party is the domination limit. I'm currently at 45% land area and the limit is 51%.

25 turns of more conquering later, here is the score:

score-625ad.jpg - 45kb

Holy crap, 960,000 points. I'm just under the domination limit -- but I can't end this now. One Million Points is in sight.

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