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Boulder on a Hilltop

Which way would the boulders roll? Would I get flattened, or was there a deeper valley in another direction?

napoleon-saladin-war.gif 369x73

WHEW. WHEW WHEW WHEW WHEW WHEW. And now with the two big dogs busy, and plenty of cash on hand, I gave up on the Internet and just researched Fission myself.

I snuck in with a city in razed Mongolian territory, to pick up Iron to finally kick the Iron Works into full power.

karachi.jpg 567x391

I also, amusingly, got a flip of an ex-Mongolian city that Arabia had captured.

old-sarai-flips.jpg 914x380

Ha - a flip over water! Delhi's culture just happened to precisely reach to that tile. Once the city lost its Mongolian cultural history, it was dead meat for my India's. Thanks to the free Broadcast Tower, I hired two artists in it immediately (8 + 50% = 12 culture/turn), to get the double border pop for that copper there.

Saladin built the Manhattan Project presently, and I responded in kind with SDI - first time I've ever built that.

And I built the United Nations, and around came the first election.

election1.jpg 389x327

Huh? Uh oh. I thought I had a lock on the secretarial election with Rome and Cyrus firmly on my side, but they swung the other way. That's enough votes for Saladin to WIN the game here. Uh oh.

election2.jpg 398x214

Well, election #2 was for Universal Suffrage. This would force me out of Hereditary Rule, breaking that variant rule. This parallels the situation with Free Religion; in the info thread, Sirian wrote that if the UN adopts Free Religion, we don't lose the game immediately due to breaking the variant rule, but we need to declare war on the UN holder and burn it down. I presumed that the situation with Universal Suffrage should behave congruently, but I wasn't quite sure how to declare war on myself and burn down Delhi. crazyeyes.gif 15x15 Fortunately, the resolution failed.cool.gif 15x15

election3.jpg 398x234

Election #3 was for Single Currency. I'm amused by how every civ voted for it. How can a resolution work to the benefit of every leader in the world? Just by definition, it's got to improve the chances of some civs while hurting that of others. In the metaverse metagame, I suppose my entire planet could vote to improve the global economy to help beat out a rival RBCiv player, but I don't think the AIs can think to that level. wink.gif 15x15

Well, as long as the next election is not for the diplomatic victory, the following one will be a secretarial re-election, and that will give me enough time to finish up Ecology and all the last parts. Here it comes:

election4.jpg 385x264

Survey Says...

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