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Game Over

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Diplomatic Loss in 1980 AD. Eight turns from finishing the spaceship.

By the way, if you're commenting in my report thread, I'd appreciate not mentioning my result for the first few posts. Please don't spoil the ending for those reading after you.

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5717 points.

Now, I call BULLSHIT. Look at the diplomatic relations.

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Cyrus considers me +9 and considers Saladin +8. Caesar is +9 towards me and +6 towards Saladin.

attitude-towards-me.jpg 621x488

OK, I suppose I can take Cyrus voting for Saladin; he's Friendly to the Arab but only Pleased towards me. There could be hidden fractions underneath those visible numbers accounting for that.

But on Caesar, I call BULLSHIT. There's NO WAY a difference between +6 and +9 is roundoff error. Caesar just plain reamed me through the backside. Sulla says he too has complained to Firaxis about behavior like this in the the diplomatic voting system; I can only hope that it's fixed for Warlords and dream that a patch updates that for vanilla Civ 4.

I'm calling this a win anyway in my own book, even if the game doesn't agree. I was still ahead by three spaceship techs and had no problems with the production. If I simply hadn't built the UN, or if building the wonder gave control over the proceedings as it did in Civ 3, there would have been no such obstacle in my way for space.

Well, in a way, I suppose this is karmic retribution for all the times in Civ 3 that the player won an easily manipulated diplomatic victory.

And at least the next game, Epic Nine, won't have any problems with votes gone wrong.