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Unintended Consequences

With the Taj Golden Age, I immediately picked up Emancipation, and also Mercantilism. The cut in trade route profit seemed slight, only 4 commerce per city, which would be made up by the Representation-Mercantilism synergy. I considered Universal Suffrage with towns maturing, but I actually still had to keep Representation just for the happiness! Never had that before in the mid game - cities can always build extra temples and cathedrals to cover that.

Presently I decided that Grocers would be worth the build investment, as the cities were all seriously constrained on health and I had all four Grocer resources (wines in trade from England.)

flip.jpg - 68kb

Then I picked up a culture flip without even having tried! Unfortunately the city is junk, adding no new resources and a whopping three townable tiles. I disbanded it (but kept the free longbow, heh, another build shortcut.)

flip2.jpg - 61kb

And a second such flip, also disbanded.

fish.jpg - 52kbHa, I also even claimed a fish resource without trying. Go go Sistine Chapel.

oxford.jpg - 31kb

Heh, that's about the latest I've ever seen that popup. I had skipped the National Epic on purpose which would just put out GPs that I didn't need. And I had no place for Moai Statues or Forbidden Palace. But that popup reminded me that I forgot about the Heroic Epic. The Great People I did produce were almost all Scientists, who eventually built Academies in every city.

I got to Assembly Line for infantry before anyone else even got Gunpowder, so now there was no military threat at all. 100% research at a profit with a few cities on Wealth. I paid up plenty of demands - even my monopoly on Education when Peter demanded it.

aachen-ironworks.jpg - 36kbIronworks went in Aachen as by far my lead hammer city for the big space stuff. Heh, it's a Civ 3 style Ironworks :)

techs-1550ad.jpg - 43kb

A tech snapshot: I have up to Combustion and Assembly Line, so that's still an 8 tech lead over Mansa Musa. The space race seems pretty much in the bag.

Hah! Hah hah hah hah hah!

london-flip.jpg - 81kb

For the first time ever, I flipped a CAPITAL, and I did it completely by accident! Aachen was producing a respectable but hardly spectacular 250 culture/turn, but the intent was not at all for culture attacking. I'd built my wonders there just because no other city had strong hammer production, and a cathedral there just for the happiness. And the Sistine Chapel helped too, but I built that just in order to win border skirmishes, not to go gobbling up flips.

I barely had a culture majority in London's tile - 54% at the time of the flip. But Elizabeth had just changed to Free Religion, which by my count doubles the flip odds, elizabeth-friendly.jpg - 37kb since now the attacker's (me) state religion is present in the city, but the defender's is not (there isn't any.) So London's population decided that they were fervent enough Christian believers that they'd rather join me than live in a society of free religion? Marginally plausible, but that's still a bit of a silly effect.

Although it will cost me a few extra builds to stabilize the city, I had to keep an enemy capital flip. :) Elizabeth even became Friendly to me despite stealing London!

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