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Adventure Forty-six: Children of the Gods

wars.gif - 11kb

The worst part is that splits my empire in half. HRE territory cuts all the way across mine, cutting off my resource connections! Now half my empire is angry and the other half is sick!

Wow, since when do we ever have a tough war situation on Prince difficulty?

police-state.jpg - 11kb brennus-wars.jpg - 11kb

Well, Brennus bought in on my side thrice for just Music. That's nice. And I just happened to get my second Great Person (an Artist) this turn. Pop the Golden Age (I've got Mausoleum) to switch to Theocracy... and... for the absolutely first time ever in my entire Civ 4 career... POLICE STATE. Enabled by the Pyramids, that unit production is exactly what I need.

Justinian conceded peace after I razed one minor city, freeing my units (mostly macemen, a few elephants and hwachas) to deal with Charlemagne. They did so, and I only lost a couple tiles around Namp'o to pillaging.

reunited.jpg - 82kb

And finally whacked one of those stupid little cities that was blocking my trade connections. Finally got to drop luxuries back to 0% from 30%. Charlemagne still wouldn't talk, so I kept conquering the rest of those cities. The war with Ramesses was phony and soon settled too.

beetle.jpg - 24kb

lol.gif - 1kb I have not seen that one before! lol.gif - 1kb

ap-war.jpg - 56kbJust as I was ready for war again on Justinian anyway...!

power-660ad.jpg - 26kb

Yeah, that is a Prince level power graph.

680ad.jpg - 150kb

Anyway, here's the land when the smoke cleared from that. Yeah, I could roll pretty easy to conquest or domination from here. But I'm behind the vanguard on that line of play, while still doing pretty well for culture. So we'll stick to that plan.

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