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Adventure Forty-eight: Holiday Wishlist

3920bc.jpg - 55kb

I think the right opening is to work the 4H tile for two turns, then switch to the 3F 1H corn forest. That delays the work boat just one turn but accumulates 12 food. Research to Sailing, thinking to build the lighthouse ASAP (before a worker), but that was a mistake, although it didn't matter since the techs came in fast enough anyway.

I brought the starting warrior back home for police to save building one. No real need to scout and no huts to pop.

Build order was four work boats, with Cahokia reaching size 5 in 3200 BC. Time to start a worker, due in just 3 turns, with Hunting coming in for the camp at the same time. Then Bronze for chopping while building a second worker, with Cahokia growing to size 6 just after that worker as the camp completed.

The lighthouse and Bronze Working both finished on T31, 2760 BC. Masonry next to enable the stone. I chopped three forests into Moai, finishing it and completing my glorious 7-1-2 fish tiles in 2280 BC.

2280bc.jpg - 85kb

Research next went to Writing, although I decided to finish the Pyramids before doing the library. The last three forests went into the Pyramids, which finished in 1680 BC. Double revolt to Rep and Slavery (saved a turn of anarchy by delaying Slavery till now.) Whipped the library, in order to get scientists running ASAP. The overflow built two Dog Soldiers just in case against barbarians. Then more work boats.

My first Great Person had about 50% Scientist odds, but did land the right way, Academy complete on T64 / 1440 BC. Yes, that is somewhat slow compared to what should be possible.

Past Writing, I continued the beeline directly to Drama without pause. Aesthetics on T65 / 1400 BC and Drama on T72 / 1120 BC. Whipped the theater, overflowing onto Globe. Pottery next to whip the granary and also overflow onto Globe.

GP #2 in 1000 BC as a Scientist, settled. At this point I fired the scientists for a moment, in order to work Moai hammer tiles to finish the Globe ASAP, and also to grow population.

Isabella's Buddhism spread to me, and I took it for the happy, also going to Org Religion to speed up Globe yet again. Mathematics next after Monotheism, finishing Math just in time to finish off Globe with full valued chops from outside the city radius.

The Oracle fell in a distant land in 975 BC. That is okay. I am after bigger things. Like this.

650bc.jpg - 97kb

Globe Theater complete in 650 BC. Cahokia instantly gains 7 more happy citizens, and look out world, is about to gain about 30 more.

And I'm finally on my way to Civil Service. That arrived in 300 BC, double revolt to Bureaucracy and Caste. Literature next, filled in Metal Casting and Compass, then straight on till Oxford. Got a couple trades, Monarchy and Iron Working and Alphabet and later Engineering.

I haven't mentioned anything about the AIs, because they simply haven't done anything of note. Despite my pregame intent for them to have different religions, my continent became a Buddhist lovefest permanently. No intracontinental war ever happened. Sury and Isabella both quickly hit Friendly; Shaka stayed just Pleased but never went into war mode.

1ad.jpg - 116kb

1 AD: 416 beakers, and that's with Oxford not done yet. And there's a problem you don't see often in an OCC: I'm at 70% research slider. Stupid civic upkeep.

Education in 75 AD. Picked up Music just for the Great Artist (settled, he'll pay back Music's research cost in time). Next beeline is Astronomy and an observatory, throwing out some caravels too.

400ad.jpg - 114kb

400 AD, with the city having plateaued. 1050 beakers/turn with Oxford and observatory now up. Notice that I never built the Great Library -- it's not worth it being less than 10 turns from Scientific Method!

Biology in 600 AD, National Park done four turns later, and now my city would zoom from size 44 up over 60. After Biology, picked up Physics for the great scientist, then all the techs up to Sid's Sushi. I actually passed up a couple trades in favor of self-research (Banking) when the only way would have been to give up a more-expensive monopoly tech. I did build the Taj Mahal (Hannibal traded me Marble), using the GA for the Free Market and Pacifism swap. (Pacifism perhaps should have come much sooner, but Philosophy hadn't been a priority and I kept feeling like I needed the Org Rel hammers to keep up.)

With Philosophy, I executed a plan ahead for spaceship part building. I built Angkor Wat (cheap with stone), in order to power up priests for a few extra hammers during the spaceship building phase. And a Buddhist cathedral for the priest slots (and also wouldn't mind the 50% culture to control the aluminum tile.) Later somebody spread me Islam so I added that temple and cathedral too. Adding 9 Angkor-enhanced priests to the limited availability of engineers should go a long way towards timely building SS parts.

The Angkor Wat hammers plan meant that I needed to go all the way avoiding Computers, so the beeline to Superconductors (Laboratory) next was clear.

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