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Extreme Game, Extreme Tactics

So here's our start.

I went Worker First, since we can improve the deer immediately (we start with Hunting), and the sheep by the time we research Animal Husbandry. Research was Agriculture then AH, since we wouldn't need AH until after the worker emerged and improved the deer, and Agriculture both gives a discount on AH and leads to Pottery.

My scout briefly explored towards what was quickly identifable as the East Pole, then went northwest. He popped a hut on turn four for 45 gold.

My initial build order was worker - warrior (police) - scout - barracks. After Agriculture and AH, I went for Mining - Bronze Working. Mined hills help get settlers out quickly, and Bronze is the omnipresent uber tech. Those two scouts quickly contacted both India and Inca. Buddhism fell early in a "distant" land, which turned out to be Asoka right next door here.

events.jpg 411x244

Some strange news came in 2500 BC: Huayna and Asoka both converted to Hinduism. Asoka had founded the religion and it spread instantly. Please please PLEASE spread to me?!

2350bc.jpg 1012x716

In 2350 BC, here's the lay of the land as divined by the two scouts. The first one had fortuitously and fortitudinously survived a bear attacking at 70% odds, but presently lost to a barb warrior.

Karakorum leveled out at the happy cap of 5, and Bronze Working came in.

copper.jpg 650x605

There's copper. OK, this is the most clichéd game plan ever, but an axeman rush is clearly the right move here.

  • Sulla wrote that our Emperor rivals enjoy boosted starting positions. No better way to exploit that than simply taking those starts for myself.

  • Since both my rivals share a religion, they're not fighting each other, so I shall need military posthaste anyway.

  • The Aggressive trait is the one useful aspect of playing as Genghis, so let's go with it right away.

  • If I can actually get all of this continent, that should be enough land to win, even if it's just another boring back-door cultural victory.

    The next important research was Archery, since there's lots of barbs around and we need an escort (or two!) for the settler. I had a forest chop timed to go to the archer escort right after the settler finished.

    That copper sure is in an awkward spot, though. Well, there's one strong location: two west of the copper, which also gets the rice and deer. Problem is, that needs a border expansion to get any of the resources. I haven't got Mysticism, nor the time to research it or build an obelisk. But every tile within first-ring of the copper has simply dismal terrain, with no other resources at all.

    Finally I decided to simply settle ON the copper. It's a tundra hill tile without any food to support working it anyway, and that plan makes the copper immune to pillaging. The city will be pathetic, but it really has no other purpose in life besides to secure copper as quickly as possible. And I like the idea of not having to wait for a mine to be built on a tundra tile (9 worker turns.)

    beshbalik.jpg 508x453

    Extreme games require extreme measures. I'm bending absolutely everything to an axeman rush ASAP. Karakorum is building a second worker in order to get this road connected ASAP.

    After Archery, I went for Iron Working, hoping to target the resource with one of my first few enemy city captures and switch over to swordsmen. Iron Working arrived in 1510 BC, and hey ho!

    iron.jpg 743x593

    I hadn't expected Sulla to give us BOTH copper and iron within range! Now this is a tough call. Do I delay with another settler to make this a swordsman rush instead of axes? I think we have to; swordsmen are significantly stronger than axemen on city attacks. Karakorum trained another settler who settled one space south of the iron, and the new city of Turfan started right away on the barracks.

    Asoka signed Open Borders, and I sent in an archer for some advance reconnaissance.

    880bc.jpg 775x510

    Hmm - three CG archers. Good thing I waited for swords! A C1 CR1 swordsman attacks at 6 + 30% = 7.8 strength - just barely ahead of a fortified CG1 archer at 3 + 95% + 60% (cultural) = 7.65.

    That scouting archer went and waited by Asoka's iron in order to pillage it right after declaring war.

    So for another fifteen turns, my cities did nothing but train a swarm of swordsmen, with a few axes and spears for support. And so here's the stack of doom.

    655bc.jpg 549x375

    Here we go!

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