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one more turn...

victory.jpg - 27kb

and there we go. Some final overviews:

final-1.jpg - 202kb

final-2.jpg - 164kb

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Yeah, 713 unit costs, quadrupled by inflation.

replay-1ad.jpg - 34kb

Note how little of the world - less than half - is settled at the calendar change. (And what are the odds of 9 barbarian cities on the far continent to none on mine?)

replay-1000ad.jpg - 32kb

Heck, 1000 AD and a third of my continent is still empty.

replay-1525ad.jpg - 31kb

1525 AD and the land grab is finally done. Well, except for that peninsula of the far continent.

replay-1800ad.jpg - 31kb

1800 AD, where I've colonized that "Canada" peninsula, plus started to conquer Arabia.

replay-1850ad.jpg - 30kb

Arabia conquered.

replay-1900ad.jpg - 29kb

Eating Babylonian territory via flip. I actually only got one flip from Sitting Bull. He garrisoned with anti-flip units very well.

replay-1950ad.jpg - 30kb

Stealing more territory on both borders, plus the middle of the Russia-England war.

replay-2000ad.jpg - 29kb

Not much happening by now.

And of course the moment everybody has been waiting for...

replay-2050ad.gif - 80kb

T-hawk's playtime. 54:38. Triple digit hours my heiney. biggrin.gif - 1kb (Although this doesn't include time spent recovering from at least a dozen Civ and computer crashes. And I think it may undercount in general, like the Pitboss turn timer.)

final-score.jpg - 48kb

final-power.jpg - 47kb

Ok, maybe I overdid it a wee bit on the power graph. But what else was there to do? I maxed the Future Tech rate at one per turn for the entire last century.

final-food.jpg - 55kb

Surprisingly, global warming made only a small dent in the world's food supply. I think at least 25% of the world's land turned to desert. Look at Elizabeth's near total starvation under nuclear fallout, eventual recovery, and second nuclear winter.

statistics.jpg - 81kb

Yes, that's 938 modern armors, and I gave away 200 of them. And 160 tactical nukes. OK, maybe that wasn't entirely in the spirit of avoiding the nuclear war penalty, but it worked.

hof.gif - 34kb

Hilariously, it's the LOWEST score in my hall of fame other than OCCs. That normalization formula needs a wee bit of work. :)

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