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Epic Twenty-eight: The Dutch Maze-ters

steal-chemistry.jpg - 83kb

Here's what we do next. We put to use the biggest economic multiplier per hammer in the game: Jails and switching to an espionage economy. The first steal target was Chemistry, because there was a window open to trade it for Rep Parts. 600 gold is a little hefty, but still much cheaper than stealing RP separately. (By the way, I was considering between Mercantilism and Free Market, but then realized here that Merc was the wrong choice. It would kill that 20% steal discount for a trade route!)

I'll skip going over the details of espionage math. Just know that all the discounts mean the EP cost is usually around half of the beaker cost. And even less in real terms considering EP-beaker skew, which operates just like beaker-gold skew, using the extremely hammer-efficient EP multiplier buildings.

steal-steam-power.jpg - 74kb

And even though I thought I was deep into WFYABTA, there was still a crack open to steal Steam Power and trade it for Scientific Method.

But then Charlemagne tripped over to Friendly! That was thanks to religion, and after I intentionally traded him all my surplus resources for a while to get the diplo credit for that. Now the trading floodgates were open again. That let me spin...

steal-steel.jpg - 82kb

Steal Steel, trade for Corporation.

steal-railroad.jpg - 68kb

Steal Railroad, swap for Physics.

trade-biology.jpg - 12kb

Steal Rifling (didn't get a picture), exchange for Biology. Lincoln had also hit Friendly.

steal-combustion.jpg - 70kb

Steal Combustion, swap with Biology for Electricity. (Had to wait until Broadway was built by Lincoln, but that 460 gold was Charley's wonder refund.)

steal-artillery.jpg - 49kb

Steal Artillery, not worrying about the lack of a trade because now my EP production could just directly outrace anyone else's research.

1500ad.jpg - 210kb


parity.jpg - 51kb

And so in 1510 AD, I reached core tech parity. Down by only the inconsequential military side techs.

demos-1510ad.jpg - 63kb

That despite a GNP number that just won't catch up to the AIs. Even though I now have my EP multipliers up and solid leads in production and food. The GNP leader is India; I have to believe and hope that it's inflated a lot by culture. But anyway, the real indicator here is my massive lead in production with Dikes, and also a decent lead in food just by having more cities.

pericles-brennus-ep.jpg - 24kb

All my stealing had been from Pericles. Of course, he never caught on to fight back. He would rather spend 5700 EP on the weakest civ on the planet instead of me, despite disliking both of us equally (-3). Anyway, all this stealing evaporated Pericles' tech lead, and the trading pushed the lead to Charlemagne instead. So I switched some espionage over in that direction.

steal-radio.jpg - 81kb

Steal Radio, trade for Refrigeration. Man this is like clockwork.

steal-rocketry.jpg - 71kb

Steal Rocketry, syncopating the clockwork just a bit by collecting all of Assembly Line, Medicine, and Military Tradition for it.

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