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Adventure Forty-six: Children of the Gods

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I also captured a worker, and ruthlessly commanded it to suicidally scout.

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This revealed that the best place for a legendary city wasn't Constantinople or Mecca (Mecca of Byzantium? ), but that spot which could pick up 9 flood plains villages, 4 of them already towns! Plus cow and gold for good measure. Even better, I don't have to risk my axes killing Mecca now (I have 6 axes, but he's got chariots), but can just found the city and attack Mecca later.

But that plan didn't survive contact with the enemy. Mecca hit 500 culture before my settler got there, blocking the tile I wanted. Actually that saved myself from some big stupidity, I would have lost that city to flip. Anyway, after analyzing again, it turned out the best spot was Constantinople's old spot after all. Ok, way to waste 100 hammers there chief.

pusan.jpg - 45kb

8 floodplains villages, plus one each on grassland and plains, plus six forests for health or chopping. That is acceptable. And I quite need the ivory like right now for happy. Brennus very helpfully sent a Jewish Missionary here so I didn't have to do anything to pop the border. Speaking of religion, Brennus and Charlemagne were the top two civs on the board and both Jewish, so I naturally took that.

Oracle to Calendar, a move I think I haven't done before, but the +2 happy RIGHT NOW is great.

I had some health problems and couldn't figure out why. Then in 725 BC, I realized that I had to pick up Agriculture - otherwise the farms do not supply the resources.

575bc.jpg - 133kb

Anyway, expansion ensued, out to the requisite 9 cities. I ended up with the weirdest geographical distribution of cities that I've ever had. But that was the right way to play on this map given my culture goal.

One side effect of the sprawl was heavy barbarian activity, with so many fronts exposed in so many directions. And barbarians are a BIG threat, since any improvement pillaged is gone forever! So my original axeman stack from the Byzantine war dispersed out to several cities, protecting them well but leaving me with no offense. They also killed several barb cities that popped up. That was fun on Prince difficulty, the cities defended by just warriors, so a single axe could kill any number of them.

no-furs.jpg - 28kbI didn't realize for a while that this had happened, but one of those barbarian cities had spawned on top of the furs resource in the north. That removed the camp - meaning no furs from there!

Anyway, I built the usual slate of wonders for a culture game. Statue of Zeus just for the culture and Artist GPP, with Mausoleum to follow next, and Parthenon under way too.

Seoul has an unusual road, though. It's not a Legendary city to be. I quite enjoyed having a capital that didn't have to focus on culture. Seoul's job was to build the Pyramids, then Hanging Gardens (boosting 9 cities), both with stone. Clearly tagging that first Great Engineer to build Sistine.

And I have an unusual plan for the Pyramids. Once the three legendary cities have worked themselves into a few towns, I'm going UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE. Worked great for Hannibal and his muse.

techs-calendar.jpg - 51kb

That is a good look for the tech board when I'm building wonders. I followed the top of the tree as always for a culture game, cleaning up on wonders, then traded those techs for everything else. The Music Great Artist settled in Pusan, which needs some early oomph to push back Mecca's border.

Brennus got to Friendly on religion and civics, trading me monopolies on Theology and Construction and Philosophy. I built the AP myself for Judaism in a side city.

Then I noticed this:

pusan-farms.jpg - 44kb

Justinian FARMED OVER MY PRECIOUS FLOOD PLAINS TOWNS! Why the hell did he do that? They aren't even in range of any of his cities!

Of course you know, this means war. I had a 10XP unit from barbarians, and had the Heroic Epic going in the next city north of Pusan. So research Machinery (I think the first time I ever have in a culture game), and whip and upgrade several maces.

wars.gif - 11kb

OH CRAP! They had not been WHEOOH. Justinian bought them against me!

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